DRAG DROP Consider the steps that a business architect takes to ensure a successful business proposal presentation. Drag and drop each step on the left to the correct description on the right. Select and Place:

DRAG DROP Drag and drop each description on the left to the appropriate business motivational model on the right. Select and Place:

DRAG DROP Consider the four building blocks of the BMC that are directly linked to the customer segment. Drag and drop the four correct building blocks from the left to the right. Not all options are used. Select and Place:

In which quadrant of a stakeholder analysis grid do you place a customer enterprise architect who is not responsible for business solution selection but is responsible for business solution implementation? A. internal influencer B. key player C. show consideration D.…

Which definition of gross profit is true? A. financial consequences of investments and actions B. capital and operating expenditures C. income that remains after considering the cost of goods sold D. administration and sales expenses necessary to run day-to-day operations