Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator has recently enabled WIALI on the VAP’s SSID profile and enabled UCC Skype4B ALG at the Mobility Master level. During testing, some voice and video conference calls were made, and it was concluded that the call quality has dramatically improved. However, end to end information isn’t displayed in the call’s details. Also, Skype4B app-sharing’s performance is poor at times What must the administrator do next in order to enable end to end call visibility and 005 correction to app-sharing service?
A. Deploy the SON API Software in the Slcype413 Solution and point to the MM.
B. Increase the app-sharing DSCP value in the Skype4B ALG profile,
C. Enable UCC monitoring on the “default-controller” mgmt.-server profile.
D. Enable the App-sharing ALG profile at both MM and MD hierarchy levels.

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