Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit.

1. All outbound traffic to AS 64516 prefers Edge-2 to AS 64516
2. All other outbound traffic prefers Edge-1 to AS 64513
Given the customer connectivity depicted in the diagram which single change can be performed on Edge-2 to ensure the criteria are met?
A. Configure Edge-2 to set ebgp-multihop 3 for the neighbor for AS 64516.
B. Configure Edge-2 with a route-map to ‘set as-path prepend”‘ to apply 64516 two times to the neighbor for AS 64516.
C. Configure Edge-2 to set the local preference for specific routes originating from AS 64516 to 200 and all other routes from AS 64516 to 50
D. Configure Edge-2 to set the weight on specific routes specific to AS 64516 to 1.

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