What is the best way to organize the project?

You are a teacher at a secondary school. You have 30 students in your class. Your classroom contains 10 laptop computers.
You plan a project for the students. You will provide the students with information in three different formats: audio recordings, photographs, and printed documents. The students must combine the information to produce graphs and charts in a detailed report.
What is the best way to organize the project?
A. Divide the project into a series of separate tasks.
Allocate each task to a different student.
Ask all of the students to create their own detailed report.
B. Create a rotation schedule for the classroom computers.
Ask every student to use their turn on the computer to produce their own detailed report.
C. Provide all of the information to all of the students.
Ask every student to explain how they will achieve the goals of the project.
D. Divide the class into 10 groups.
Ask the groups to work collaboratively to assemble the detailed report.


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