Which statement is correct?

A ProfiNET management system operator is unable to add a ProfiNET Conformance Class B device to a SIMATIC management station. The device is connected to interface FastEthernet1/3. Based on the provided CLI output, which statement is correct?
switch#show profinet lldp Fa1/1 port-003-00000 On
Fa1/2 port-004-00000 On
Fa1/3 port-005-00000 Off
Fa1/4 port-006-00000 Off
Fa1/5 port-007-00000 On
Fa1/6 port-008-00000 Off
Fa1/7 port-009-00000 On
Fa1/8 port-010-00000 Off
A. LLDP has been disabled on this switch
B. The connected device is not sending LLDP packets with ProfiNET extensions
C. The port label needs to be changed on interface FastEthernet 1/3 to "port-003-00000"
D. ProfiNET is disabled on this switch


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