Which benefit is most likely to be compelling to the Brownlow CIO?


Brownlow Communications is an enterprise that has been expanding rapidly by acquiring a number of smaller agencies. As a result of these acquisitions, the company has several data centers, which are managed separately. Both the data center and campus networks are out-of-date and preventing the company from achieving its goals. The company is looking for a network refresh that will:

Make It easier and faster to deploy new applications In the virtualized data centers

Help the company to innovate and implement new business initiatives now and in the future, without constant major upgrades

Ensure that services are always available for employees and customers; critical data center applications, in particular, should experience minimal downtime

Support security initiatives and regulatory compliance

Improve performance for. and decrease user complaints about, the company’s Microsoft Lync solution and other multimedia applications

Enable users to connect their own devices to the network without burdening IT staff or introducing security issues

Make it simpler for the company to expand to new branches and to handle new acquisitions

Refer to the scenario tab.

Which benefit is most likely to be compelling to the Brownlow CIO?

A. Services include courses, which are designed to train ClOs to use HP management solutions.

B. The solution enables admins to use manual processes, so the CIO can take a more hands- on approach.

C. The solution can scale well while keeping management and maintenance costs low.

D. The management interface for the solution looks like an interface with which you are already familiar.

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