Which two statements are true?

Which two statements are true?
A. Error class is unextendable.
B. Error class is extendable.
C. Error is a RuntimeException.
D. Error is an Exception.
E. Error is a Throwable.

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7 thoughts on “Which two statements are true?

  1. incorrect answer given,
    since error class is not final, it is extendable
    and error class extends throwable. so option B,E are correct

  2. Error class is not final. Therefore, Error class is extendable.

    Hierarchy for RuntimeException class (Top to Bottom)
    Throwable (parent) -> Exception (child) -> RuntimeException (child)

    Hierarchy for Error class (Top to Bottom)
    Throwable (Parent) -> Error (child)

    Key points from the above hierarchy :
    Error is Throwable
    Error is not RuntimeException.
    Error is not an Exception

  3. B and E answer. Error is not a RunTimeException, it is a subclass of Throwable and it is extandable

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