What advice can you offer the customer?

The customer is considering Implemented the following VSX configuration that will host an Aruba mobility cluster servicing 9000 dual stack employee devices.
The client’s default gateways will be hosted on the VSX stack. The customer is seeking advice about how to ensure ArubaOS-CX VSX best practices have been applied.

What advice can you offer the customer? (Select two)
A. The ISL Bandwidth should be upgraded
B. Agg-1 and Agg-2’s hardware forwarding table profile should be changed to “L3-agg”.
C. The -system-mac’ of Agg-1 should be changed to an unused address from the unicast private
address range
D. The vsx linkup-delay timer is unnecessarily high; it should be reduced to prevent excessive delay of packet forwarding when a VSX peer joins an existing master.
E. The Keepalive interface should be changed to interface LAG2 so there is redundancy through the mobility cluster.
F. The keepalive subnet is misconfigured, it has an inappropriate address on Agg-1.

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