Which three constraints?

Support for AppStacks with physical endpoints is available with which three constraints? (Choose three.)
A. The workstation has a wired network connection.
B. The workstation has a wired or wireless network connection.
C. The operating system on the workstation is streamed or non-persistent.
D. The AppStack can be delivered either as a VHD or VMDK.
E. The AppStack is delivered by VHD In-Guest mode.


2 thoughts on “Which three constraints?

  1. A., C. and E. are correct.

    You might come across some limitations while working with AppStacks. Support for physical endpoints and AppStacks is only given under the following constraints:

    VHD In-Guest mode is the only supported machine manager mode

    Constant network connection is required

    OS on the physical device should be non-persistent, streamed, or both

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